Craig Sullivan
Optimiser in Chief; Optimal Visit


Craig has been blending UX, Analytics, Split Testing, Voice of Customer and Conversion Optimisation techniques since 2006. He’s also been building teams, launching products and hacking the growth of websites for companies like Google, LOVEFiLM, Lego, John Lewis, eBay and more.

You can find him tweeting from @OptimiseOrDie on everything to do with Numbers, UX and Psychology. He speaks regularly at events like eMetrics, Measurecamp, Conversion Conference, Etail, Drapers, Econsultancy and others around Europe and the USA. Craig’s depth of knowledge, engaging presentation style and practical tips get great feedback from attendees.

Talk Details

Scaling Stupidity : How to Get Ahead on the Testing and Innovation Curve

Many companies have bought, installed and run tests with AB or Multivariate testing software.  Yet most of them are burning rubber doughnuts in the carpark of User Experience - it isn't driving learning, change, insight or even the revenue lifts people expected. Why?

Where are companies going wrong? How can they get from the Trough of Testing Disillusionment to the Plateau of Productive Innovation?  How can companies spend as little time as possible in the stupid part of the AB testing hype cycle?

Craig explains why all companies have to pass through the AB Testing Hype Cycle and need to move as quickly as possible towards maturity. He'll share the hallmarks of companies that have made and what the practical shortcuts away from stupidity are!