David Dominguez
Senior User Experience Designer; eBay Inc.


David is a Senior User Experience Designer at eBay. 

He has worked in design agencies, start-ups, businesses and corporations since 2007. Helping to evolve their experiences into multi-platform domains.

David is embedded within various product teams in eBay, guiding the design and implementation processes of UX in an agile environment.

He also devotes his efforts to educating the organisation; guiding product managers and developers to think like a designer. Putting users in the centre while balancing user and organisational needs.

Talk Details

Hemingway on writing (and UX)

Sometimes we find inspiration in unexpected places and realise that we could be looking at a great framework.

I will demonstrate how Hemingway’s writing principles can apply to the UXer workflow and help you develop a successful mindset to overcome the day-to-day challenges as designer.