Mike Harris & Juliet Richardson
UX Consultants; Nomensa


Juliet Richardson

Juliet has been at Nomensa for six years and is currently a Principal UX Consultant leading strategic user-centred design projects for the likes of the Eden Project, National Trust and Royal Mail. She enjoys the challenge of thinking beyond the pure UX aspects of projects to provide a joined up service, including anything from content strategy to employee training and storytelling approaches.

Mike Harris

A lifelong passion for understanding people and the world they live in led Mike to design human-centred services and improve our relationship with technology. He believes nothing should be designed in a vacuum, without context, without considering how it fits into and affects people’s lives. After studying psychology and Human Factors, Mike embraced the digital world with a bid to research and enhance new technology and new behaviour – and is currently reflecting on how we can shape the evolution of technology for the better.

Talk Details

What do we make of what tech makes of us? 

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There is a lot of debate right now about the impact of technology, whether it is enriching our lives or dumbing us down or somewhere in between. We’ll talk about how to make sense of the often opposing viewpoints and how to interpret those attention-grabbing headlines. As designers, how should we decipher this information and apply it to our work? How do we make sense of the debate?