Oliver Blank
Senior Designer; Google


Oliver Blank is an English artist, designer, and composer. His artwork brings a sense of wonder to our public spaces, and his design projects focus on the prevention of suffering.

Connecting audiences through sound and fictional narratives, Oliver's artwork coaxes his audience out of the quotidian and into unforgettable experiences that instill a shared romance and heightened sense of place. His past installations include fabricating a fake bureau dedicated to fictionalising a city’s history, composing orchestral music for long forgotten buildings, and generating a sonic wildlife habitat in the centre of an Italian city.

Oliver is a Senior Designer at Google. He was previously a Principal Designer at Nokia where he worked on a family of connected hardware products designed to inspire people to head outdoors and go on adventures. Prior to Nokia, Oliver was a partner at New Orleans-based Civic Center, a design studio that made cities more comfortable for people.

Oliver’s music and installations have featured at exhibitions and festivals around the world including London’s Design Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate Gallery, and Helsinki’s Taidehalli. He currently resides in San Francisco but variously calls Helsinki, London, Manchester, and New Orleans home.


Talk Details

Lo-Fi / Hi-Impact

We don’t design in an ideal world. Often we have limited time and limited resources. This talk is about making really good things really quickly. 

It's about designing real things that really work and can be used by real people. Things like an interactive installation for tens of thousands of visitors to Times Square that was hacked together on a build of Wordpress, or a service designed to help 500,000 people in a New Orleans hurricane that was designed and coded in just eight hours. 

This talk establishes a philosophy and practices for executing high impact projects quickly with limited resources. It's aimed at UX designers and their collaborators: researchers, engineers, product managers, marketers.