Roger Donald
Head of Transformation; NHS Choices


I'm a digital transformation specialist with 15 years of international experience. I've work for HSCIC as Head of Transformation for NHS Choices. My experience is drawn from many digital change projects across the NHS and large financial services organisations (Ernst & Young, Standard Life) after starting my digital career at B&Q where I was part of the team to develop 

I have a passion for delivering usable digital services that keep end-users at the heart of development. My dedication to user-centric design and development principles, combined with a strong focus on analytics and insight, has been instrumental in achieving success. 

Outside of work, I have a keen interest in yacht racing. Last year I was a member of the team of that won The Rolex Swan Cup World in Sardinia, building upon our success in winning The Gazprom Swan Europeans in Cowes, 2013.

Talk Details

Transforming NHS Choices with Agile &  Lean UX

We're in the early stages of transforming NHS Choices, Europe's largest digital health information site. We'd like to share with you how we're putting users at the heart of the transformation, our on-going delivery approach and some of the challenges we've faced along the way.

We'll be sharing practical Agile and Lean UX techniques you can use to get to know your users better, including:

1. understanding user needs
2. assumption mapping
3. testing hypotheses
4. affinity sorting
5. task-based personas
6. user journey mapping
7. user research
8. low-fidelity prototyping