Sarah Morris
User Experience Director; Wolff Olins


Having worked in digital for about 15 years I consider myself to be a digital native, despite being way too old! I’m also your classic T-shaped person, so whilst user experience is my core skill (I ran a 40 strong UX team at DigitasLBi), I started off as a graphic designer, became an interaction designer within product development, ran a design research company and been a service designer inside a healthcare innovation incubator. I love variety. My worse fear is routine!

I joined Wolff Olins because I really believe experience is where brand lives these days, and so I guess the best description of my role is helping in the creation of brand-defining experiences that dovetail seamlessly with user needs. Or put another way, making people smile.  

Talk Details

User experience and brand; a master-slave relationship?

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Now that technology can deliver brand through experiences, it's what a company can enable that makes it a successful brand. Yet, in my 15 years working in UX, my project stakeholders always come from IT or marketing teams, never brand. And it's been all too common for 'the new brand' to appear right at the end, in time to apply the paint job. We all know brand isn't just about colours and logos, yet why do UX-led projects still treat it as such?

I'll be exploring why and how UX and brand can work together as creative partners rather than master and slave.