KEYNOTE: Vanessa Kirby
Head of UX; Argos


Vanessa has over twenty years of experience making sure people enjoy the digital products they use. Finding the ways to knit together the needs of users, customers and the business whilst providing an engaging experience.

Coming from a software development background (and finding herself fundamentally useless at coding) she decided to focus on the human element and specialised in HCI & Occupational Psychology in 1993. She then joined the only 'Human Factors' consultancy at that time in the UK. Since then she's been running User Experience teams in 9 different countries, 11 different cities, both Client side and Agency, across multiple different markets - airlines, finance, media, legal... She has worked with amazing people who have taught her to respect all of the disciplines that contribute to a truly immersive, interactive and explosive experience.

To unwrinkle the confusion between the different types of UX job titles, she has one key question -would you rather create a logo or a sitemap?  For the record - she's a sitemap gal.

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The Fables of UX

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UX must be one of the most confusing professions – the roles and job descriptions seem to follow the buzzword of the moment.  We’re a discipline that bangs the drum for consistency, yet we can’t keep to the same acronyms and titles (CHI or HCI?  UX or CX or HX...?).  Amongst this has emerged the demand of the UX unicorn. That uber-human who can strategise, investigate, research, market, structure, architect, write copy, conceptualise, design, code... 

This talk is a light-hearted  introduction to UX teams and the existence of these - and other - mythical animals. Who they are, what they do, and some of my thoughts and experience with specialists vs generalists,  identifying them, who you need for your business at a point in time and hiring them.