interact workshop

Steve Portigal

Soft Skills are Hard: One-day workshop with Steve Portigal

Working successfully in today’s professional environments entails communicating and collaborating with a diverse range of individuals in other geographies, organisations and disciplines.

In this workshop, we'll start with the fact that even in our professional lives, we're people first and workers second. We'll take a hard look at what it really takes for people to get work done — working with colleagues, leaders, and users — and trying to deal better with ourselves! These are the skills you know you need, but no one has ever thought to help you improve.

Steve will share some of his own “muscles of innovation”, and work with you to identify and develop your own. We’ll explore how to improve and strengthen skills that you identify as crucial to your job. Each participant will develop a personal action plan with goals and specific next steps.

Limited to 20 places. 

Steve Portigal helps companies to think and act strategically when innovating with user insights and to unlock their team's research super powers. He is principal of Portigal Consulting, author of Interviewing Users: How To Uncover Compelling Insights and host of the Dollars to Donuts podcast. He makes his home in the San Francisco Bay Area where there's always a new ramen restaurant to check out.